A day at the office

A Day at the Office

I love these beautiful pictures that give the impression we lead quiet, orderly lives. Seems like for most people that’s not exactly true. Especially for those of us in the Internet world. For every item that gets completed there are three more waiting. Well, ok, ten more waiting.

In the old days (2000 thru 2010) when we were building websites with EZ Net Tools (remember them?) and then warp speed with Dreamweaver, everything was so shiny and new. Some of you probably were not even around in the days of AOL announcing “you’ve got mail”. Back then it was exciting to get an email. That got old real quick. Now everyone avoids the incessant popups “subscribe to our list and get (fill in the blanks)”. But hey, guess what, email is still the best way to build a business.

Twitter can ban you. YouTube can remove you, as if you never existed, but you still have your email list.

I’m rambling a bit so I’ll get to the point: If you are selling products or services on the Internet, or even if you are selling products or services anywhere on Planet Earth, you will need to constantly try new marketing ideas.

That’s why we have focused on unique ways to get attention: 1. Responsive websites 2. Animated videos 3. Whiteboard videos, and 4. Social Media Marketing.

Now, you may say we need to specialize on one thing and do it better than anyone else. You could be right, of course, but we take a slightly different view. We specialize in you, the client and we bring you a palette (notice I didn’t say arsenal) of products and services to help you stand out from the crowd. (Sorry about the cliche.)

It’s likely that we will continue to have a few, select clients, but we give them lots of attention and help them choose the best ways to get noticed in this noisy world.

Until next time. Peace.